About Marius Filmalter and Marius Golf:

Marius Filmalter is a professional golf instructor, inventor and research scientist. A native South African, Marius moved to Germany in the early eighties where he was the Director of Instruction at Beuerberg Golf Club, just outside Munich. Along with teaching and course management, Marius began his research on the yips.

Vijay Singh with Marius

What are the yips?

 The yips are commonly described as an involuntary spasm or twitch that happens during the putting stroke, more specifically, right before impact. Besides golfers, the yips can effect athletes in other sports such as pitchers in baseball or quarterbacks in football. It can also influence a wide variety of occupations such as pilots, musicians, dentists and even surgeons.  

Ernie Else with Marius

Developing the SAM Puttlab

 In the late nineties, Marius along with his friend and mentor, Professor Ernst Pöppel of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, developed new and more effective methods to facilitate the proper communication between mind and body. As an outgrowth of their studies, Marius was the prime inventor in the development of Super SAM (now SAM Puttlab.) 


 For the first time in the history of golf, Marius and his device could rapidly and with high precision, determine where the putter head is in space at any time during the stroke. It measures, amongst others, where the putter is aimed at address and impact, the path of the stroke, the acceleration and speed of the putter head during the stroke and most important, club head rotation throughout the motion. 

Putter head rotation without yip

Yips Research

 Once the system was developed, Marius and his team began building a stroke database to compare a “yipped” putt to a good one. He collected data from players on the European PGA Tour. As a byproduct, he started realizing big differences between the strokes of great and poor putters. 

 Marius’ ground-breaking presentation of his putting research at the 2003 European PGA Expo in Munich, Germany transformed him from a relative unknown to the world’s hottest putting commodity. 

Putter head rotation with yip

Marius received invitations to conduct further research in the USA from two of the game’s well known instructors, Hank Haney and Dave Pelz. Marius chose to continue his putting research at the Hank Haney Golf Ranch in McKinney, Texas for four and a half years. He had full access to the top players on the PGA TOUR including Tiger Woods. A part of Marius’ research is featured in Hank Haney’s book, “Fix the Yips Forever."


  In 2008, Marius presented his research “Motor Strategy Disturbances in Golf: The Effect of Yips on the Movement of the Putter Head” at the World Scientific Congress of Golf, held in Phoenix, Arizona.

 GOLF Magazine awarded Marius the “Innovator of the Year” in 2009. A long overdue recognition for his contributions to the golf industry. And in 2011, GOLF Magazine wrote a cover story on Marius describing him as “…the man who will change the way you putt for good.”



   Marius introduced the program “Automatic Putting” featuring all-time great putter, Brad Faxon in 2010. A best-selling three DVD set that instructs golfers how to be great putters. What sets this instructional video apart from others is Marius’ extensive research and his mathematical foundation of the Ten Characteristics Shared By All Great Putters.  

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Golf Magazine


  Today Marius continues his research at the Tom Landry Center at Baylor Hospital, Dallas and teaches out of his private studio in Carrollton, Texas. He contributes articles and video tips to GOLF Magazine and GOLF.com. Marius is frequently on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour event sites coaching his professional students   




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   In addition to the SAM system, Marius invented SuperTee. This device removes the ball (or tees it up) at such a speed that the student golfer cannot react in time thus eliminating the anticipation of impact. The golfer stops worrying about impact with the ball and simply swings the club. Marius invented SuperTee based on his scientific conclusions that golfers only "yip" when there is a ball in play. Without the ball, we all have great swings and putting strokes.  



 Marius has enjoyed a sponsorship with Bobby Jones since 2013. “I am honored to be associated with the Bobby Jones brand. I wear the brand and clothing with the dignity and respect that Bobby Jones displayed as a player, competitor and ambassador to the game of golf. May his legacy live on.” Marius Filmalter.  

New measuring system coming soon!

   Based on the feedback that SAM was too complicated (and costly) for most golf instructors, Marius invented a simplified version named TOMI in 2008(The Optimal Motion Instructor.) Since then, in between his hectic schedule, Marius is  developing a new putting system utilizing the latest technologies available. STAY TUNED!!