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Online Lessons

Let us make you putt better

Although nothing beats a face to face session with Marius, we are now offering the second best thing; real time online lessons with the man himself.  You’ll feel as though you are with him in his putting studio.

Equipment Evaluation

Is your putter the right one for you?    

We’ll make sure that you are using the right putter for your build and motor tendencies.


We’ll take a close look at your setup and make sure the following are up to par:

  • Posture
  • Ball Position
  • Alignment
  • Grip

Putting Stroke

Marius has measured and analyzed more than 70, 000 putting strokes, including those of the world’s top professionals.  He will apply this knowledge and expertise acquired through research and experience to analyze yours!

What to Practice

By analyzing your setup and putting stroke, Marius will point out what specifically needs to be reinforced or changed.


Once it is established what needs to be reinforced or changed, Marius will give you drills which can be incorporated into your daily practice.

Latest Videos and Writing

Marius will be producing and releasing new videos on ways to improve your putting, to which we will give members exclusive access.

Price List

Online Lessons with Marius
Send us a video of your putting stroke and Marius will give you advice based on his extensive knowledge and research, directly from his putting studio to your living room. Includes 1 half hour online session with Marius
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