Automatic Putting (Download for PC)


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  World renowned putting instructor Marius Filmalter unveils to the public his scientific findings based on more than 20+ years of putting research. Unlike other putting DVDs and books that are based on unsupported theory, Automatic Putting is based on the results of Marius' bio-mechanical studies of more than 65,000 putting strokes from some of the world's finest putters. 


The Pill Training Ball


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 Marius utilizes The Pill Training Ball in his private putting studio. The Pill gives you immediate feedback by exaggerating flaws for quick detection and correction. Marius recommends The Pill to help you become a more consistent golfer 


Putting Sticks


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Sticking to the basics is the foundation of playing consistent golf. Find the ball position, alignment and posture that works for you. The Putting Sticks will help you achieve just that. Practice every time with the same ball position, posture and alignment and you will become more consistent. Ships with sleeve for easy storage and portability. Patent Pending. Made in the USA. Free shipping to the 50 contiguous States.