Find the correct ball position, alignment and posture that works for you!


Marius developed the PUTTING STICKS by measuring the posture, ball position and alignment of PGA, LPGA and elite golfers. 

The PUTTING STICKS are patent pending, made in the USA and ships inside a faux leather sleeve. Simple to set up, easy to use and takes no space in your golf bag.

​Putting Sticks are an ideal tee gift for your next golf outing! Add your logo and choose the color of the sleeve! use the contact us form below for more information and pricing.

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Sticking to the basics is the foundation of playing consistent golf. Find the ball position, alignment and posture that works for you. The PUTTING STICKS will help you achieve just that. Practice every time with the same ball position, posture and alignment and you will become more consistent. Ships with sleeve for easy storage and portability. Patent Pending. Made in the USA. Free shipping to the 50 contiguous States.